Torn Paper Paintings :: Wanda Edwards


Similar to impressionists use of colors or the tiles in a mosaic, Torn Paper Paintings unconventional collage technique creates this same visual interest.

Small bits of handmade and hand-painted papers, rice paper, book pages, and maps, create the color palette from which the image is created. The papers are given a pattern and color in advance, but once the piece begins, it relies solely on the colors of the paper. These segments come together to create the image like the dots of pointillism create their painting.

Wanda didn't begin her formal art training until the youngest of her two daughters began kindergarten. It was at this time she enrolled in night classes at the Rhode Island School of Design where she studied for four years in their Scientific and Technical Illustration program. After graduation she continued to take many privately taught painting classes.

Wanda worked for many years in various art-related fields as well as earning her real estate license on the side before deciding to put her full time efforts into pursuing her own personal artwork. Happily, this has turned out to be one of her best decisions yet.

Ms. Edwards lives with her husband Mark, a yacht broker, beside a lovely pond in Dartmouth, Ma.